The Colletta Olivieri family came about after the marriage of Antonetta Colletta to her husband Antonio Olivieri on 14 February 1956, together they raised 8 children in a small farmhouse outside the seaside town of Vieste in Puglia, South Italy.

Antonio’s father, Andrea, had cultivated olive and almond trees for many years and passed them on to his son, Antonio, upon his retirement in 1976. Antonio sadly passed away in 2005 but his widow Antonetta continues to look after the land and the trees with the help of her children.

One of her sons, Lino, moved to Ireland in 1999 and started bringing over some olive oil to his friends as gifts. Word soon spread that this was a very special extra-virgin olive oil and the demand soon increased. Now Lino can bring this same olive oil to you, check out where you can buy it.