Colletta Olivieri Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by the Colletta Olivieri family in the Puglia region of Southern Italy. Quality Olive-oil production has been in the family for generations and something they are very proud of; even the family name comes from the Latin ‘Oliverius’ meaning “he who has olive groves”.

This oil has a unique, rich, fruity aroma capturing the essence of the wild herbs nearby, such as, wild fennel, broom brush and rosemary. It has a light flavour with a slight hint of vanilla. When consumed very soon after harvest you will notice a delicious peppery heat to it – this is completely natural and fades somewhat over time.

The olive trees that produce this oil are hundreds of years old and are situated high above the Adriatic coastline, near the family home, in what is now known as The National Park of Gargano.

Colletta Olivieri olive oil is cold-pressed using stone mills and grown without the use of fertiliser. The variety of olive is the ‘Ogliarola Garganica’ which produces oil that is both extraordinarily aromatic and light in taste. It can be ideally used for dipping with bread, salads, cooked and raw vegetables, and of course for cooking.